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Chore Wheel is pioneering software for co-living, running on Slack.

Created by economists and game designers, Chore Wheel is a family of tools helping people share space:

  • Chores for keeping it clean
  • Hearts for mutual accountability
  • Things for bulk purchasing
  • And more to come

Chore Wheel is open-source and privacy-preserving. It contains the latest thinking in ethical technology, with four core principles:

  • No managers or privileged roles
  • Simple and intuitive inputs
  • Humans decide, machines bookkeep
  • Always-on, asynchronous processes

Development was supported by the Open-Source Software (2x), Governance Research, and Metacrisis rounds of Gitcoin Grants


All plans come with a 90-day trial
All plans are currently free

For groups of friendsFor groups with shared valuesFor large groups sharing resources
ChoresChores, HeartsAll apps
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