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Chores is Zaratan's crown jewel, making dirty dishes and passive-aggressive sticky notes a thing of the past.

Chores is a chore wheel for the 21st century, helping everyone do their part, on their terms. Instead of restrictive schedules or inconsistent "bragging boards," people do chores for points. Everyone owes 100 points per month, and the longer a chore goes undone, the more points it's worth. Folks co-create their list of chores, and they fine-tune priorities so that more points go to more important chores.

Chores helps folks spend less time doing chores, and less time talking about chores. Dynamic and flexible, it helps people orient towards what they like best. The best part? It works like magic.

😭 Old Way
  • Dirty dishes
  • Passive-aggressive notes
  • Feeling taken advantage of
  • Endless meetings
🤩 New Way
  • Clean sinks
  • Communication and transparency
  • Feeling empowered and appreciated
  • Endless flexibility

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